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David C. Smith & Associates, Inc.
Photogrammetric Mapping Professionals, Portland, Oregon

Firm Profile
  • Professional Engineer (Oregon)
  • Professional Surveyor (Oregon, Washington)
  • A.S.P.R.S. Certified Photogrammetrists (3)
  • Professional Photogrammetrist (Oregon)

David C. Smith and Associates, Inc. is a professional photogrammetric mapping firm that strives to excel in implementing the best available geospatial mapping technologies to support engineering, GIS, public works and natural resources projects.

As a small firm with a single office, we take a personal approach to every project and are able to be very responsive to our client's needs. Our firm has extensive experience and capability in photogrammetric mapping. We work hard to customize every project approach and to apply our unique skills to best support our client's work. We view our firm as an extension to our client's staff. Our goal is to work in partnership with our clients to make every project a success.

Firm Profile