David C. Smith & Associates, Inc.
Photogrammetric Mapping Professionals, Portland, Oregon


President/Principal Photogrammetrist

As the president of David C. Smith & Associates, Mr. Smith has managed over 2000 mapping projects. Many of these projects have been large multi-disciplinary projects requiring coordination and management of subconsultants in such fields as engineering, conventional surveying, GPS surveying, aerial photography and orthophoto production. Mr. Smith's past projects have involved a wide variety of photogrammetric mapping applications, including city and county GIS mapping, cross section and topographic mapping for flood plain studies, road design profiles, landfill capacity analyses, reservoir volume calculations and conventional and digital orthophotography base mapping.

Vice President / Operations Manager

Mr. Smith has managed several hundred mapping projects, most of which have involved a combination of several survey, engineering, aerial photography and data processing subconsultants. Mr. Smith is particularly skilled in managing CAD and GIS oriented projects. He has been responsible for managing production and for final delivery of CAD / GIS files for all projects described as "General Firm Experience". He has been a leader in developing innovative data collection, data processing, editing and CAD translation methodologies that have allowed our firm to make full use of current GIS and CAD technology. He is experienced with ARC/INFO, AutoCAD, Intergraph and other key CADD / GIS software. Mr. Smith has applied his skills to a wide variety of projects, including flood studies, Digital Terrain Model (DTM) data collection and applications, landfill capacity assessments, reservoir volume analyses and City and County GIS base mapping projects.

Vice President / Photogrammetrist

Mr. Smith is a Professional Engineer with a background in civil engineering, hydrology, computer programming and CAD and GIS mapping. His CAD / GIS mapping experience includes: Editing and data processing of map files for numerous city GIS projects; digital orthophoto rectification and processing; development of custom programming for the manipulation of CAD/GIS data; custom Database Programming used to translate, manage and query water resources databases. His engineering background includes some road and utility design, but has primarily emphasized water resources and hydrologic engineering projects such as groundwater flow computer modeling, seepage analysis, hydrologic watershed modeling, assessment of crop consumption and irrigation requirements, flood plain analyses for large river systems, storm drainage master planning and design of detention/water quality facilities.